What kind of symphony happens when a diverse collective of creators, consultants and mavericks converge? 

What kind of symphony happens when a diverse collective of creatives, consultants and mavericks converge? 






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WOMAN+ digital has grown its page views by over 400% in its first 3 months and reaches 45% of New Zealand Women ages 30-69 every month. Content written for women, by women, this platform is fast becoming the go-to digital platform for women in Aotearoa.  We took a look at two articles on our site Read More

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If you’re wondering what’s up with your kids dress sense lately or what’s going on with the new office “uniform” then prepare for the worst.  Raves are back. Clearly evident in the post lockdown boom of events, parties and people letting their hair down and engaging in the pastimes of their current – or long Read More

Social Media Trends 2023

THE HELLO PROJECT A Letter from a Viewer We were so inspired by the feedback we received from our audience on the Hello Project which launched before Christmas to talk to New Zealand communities and remind them, it’s OK to check on your neighbour. We thought we would share one of the heartfelt letters we Read More

A Letter from a Viewer

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