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Coffee Corner with Andrew Scott, COO of Briscoe Group

Andrew Scott, COO Briscoe Group

We spoke to Andrew Scott from Briscoe Group as they wrapped up their very positive results off the back of a challenging year.

With Andrew Scott, COO of Briscoe Group

Whilst working on the Briscoe Group Annual Report we had the pleasure of spending some extra face-time with the leadership team and discussing some of their successes as they wrapped up their FY22 year.  We asked Andrew a few questions about their success and here’s what he had to share:

What was the highlight of your FY22 year? 

My highlight of the year was working with such an amazing team. None of us are trained in navigating a global pandemic but the way in which our team rose to the many challenges of COVID-19 has blown me away. Yes, there have been highs and lows, but I will look back on this time as a real highlight of my career in retail. 

What would you say is the one thing you have learnt?

To keep focus on our longer term vision and strategic priorities. During COVID-19 the day to day challenges were immense and it dragged people into a routine of daily grind. By continually reinforcing our longer term plans we managed to give the team the motivation to push through their daily challenges.

One of my pre-existing values which COVID-19 only served to reinforce was not to sweat the small stuff.  A couple of big moves will generate more value than a hundred small ones.  In volatile times we need to act even more boldly and avoid the temptation to resort to retrenchments.

What are your top focus areas for FY23 

We are in year two of our three year strategy and deep into our implementation phase, so my key two focuses will be on:

  • Leading the team through large scale change and ensuring that our new initiatives are sustainable and fully embedded 
  • Growing new revenues – we are a very entrepreneurial team and we are well poised to leverage our strong core business to step change our growth. We will now move into a phase of testing and trialing new products and new partnerships. It’s a very exciting phase for our business. 

What do you think the opening of the borders will mean for the Briscoe Group? 

I am excited for the borders opening on many levels. New Zealand needs to move back to some more normal living conditions. Being able to travel and welcome tourists will bolster our general economy. 

It’s also very important for our team to be able to travel. We always strive to be one of the best retailers in the world and to achieve this we need to be overseas looking for new products and retailing trends that we can bring to New Zealand.

On a personal level it will be fantastic to catch up with friends and family that we have not seen for over three years.

What about further disruption in FY23? Any bets? 

That’s the big question that no one can really predict. I am sure there will be further disruption; however I think we have moved to a phase of living through COVID-19 and therefore I think the future is bright. We have navigated many phases of COVID-19 and really it is now just business as usual.

Global supply chains in my view will be the biggest challenge. It is likely to be 2024 before they return to pre COVID-19 levels. By facing this we can build strategies to minimise the risk. 

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